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The warmth of family business

It all started in 1998. Then the idea to produce high-quality stainless steel heated towel rails sounded in the circle of a large and friendly family.

Towel rails for the whole life

Our mission is to produce high quality stainless steel heated towel rails, which are guaranteed to serve to every family a lifetime.

Practical and shiny stainless steel

Incredibly eye-catching products is made from high quality stainless steel. Our creative designers are
constantly inspired by this material.

Practical use
with modern

Eco-designed electric rails
with timer-regulator will help to achieve sustainability and simple but modern design will fit
into the present-day interior.

Reflects your good taste

Light reflected on the stainless steel shows all the details of high-level craftsmanship. Wide range of
products allows to enjoy the details.
High quality raw materials
Big range of products
25 years warranty
Ecological production

History of Mario ME Ltd

The history of the famous Ukrainian brand Mario, the leading manufacturer of stainless steel towel warmers and design radiators starts in November, 1998.

Starting a family business, a father with two sons created the first stainless steel towel rail. The product became the basis of the family business and became the start of the development of the enterprise.

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Partner stores throughout Europe
We export products to 19 countries
Years of experience
Stainless steel products
Production stages

Pipe cutting


Before production begins, it is necessary to cut the pipe into the relevant segments according to the drawings of future products. Stainless steel pipes require very precise cutting equipment to reduce inaccuracies in connections, waste and use raw materials with maximum efficiency.



Grinding allows to smooth the surface of the pipe, remove roughness and prepare it for welding. Grinding is done automatically on a European equipped machine using abrasives. This step of grinding also allows us to identify the smallest defects before welding and to eliminate the possibility of loss of the highest quality product. After satisfactory grinding control, the pipe is ready for further processing.



We use handmade and robotic welding. All welding work takes place in an argon atmosphere (argon-arc welding), which requires high-quality welders, special welding workstations and robotic high-quality equipment. Each welding seam is checked separately visually and technically.

Pressure check


Each product undergoes a pressure test of 22 bars by air to ensure the high quality of the work of welding masters and absence of leakage. This pressure check is not the first or last, but undoubtedly is the most important of all next check steps.

Welds cleaning


Handling of weld seams after welding gives elegant and neat appearance of products. Definitely a lot attention is paid to this stage of production. We care about the quality of our products, so we clean all welds seams manually, providing an excellent coupling of ribs.



We polish products in special baths by electrolysis to a mirror finish. This emphasizes the nobleness as well strength of stainless steel and removes any scratches received during the manufacturing of the product.

25 years’
25 years’ warranty
Each unit of our products in any case goes through the designing, producing, testing or all of the above by handmade, which ensures the highest level of quality performance.

Mario ME Ltd

Manufacturer of stainless steel towel rails and design radiators
Our mission is producing high-quality goods for our partners and provide them and the consumers with comfortable service. We are happy to contribute to industry development while remaining a large family and a team of highly qualified employees, ready to bring new ideas to the industry and develop new technologies.

Lifetime Warranty

25 years warranty for all model range of water towel rails in autonomous heating system. All products are separately tested twice under a pressure of 22 bar at successive stages of production.

5 years warranty for the body and 2 years warranty for the electric parts of the dry heating element electric models. All products are separately tested by high voltage up to 1500 volts. Each Towel Rail at the final production stage is polished handmade and undergoes three independent quality checks.

That’s why Quality and Perfection are the main criteria for our success!

Luxury and Tradition

Our high-tech heated Towel Rails are available in both innovative luxury and classic traditional styles, suitable for any type of bathroom interior.

The model range includes up to 13 positions in 51 sizes, which allows you to choose a heated Towel Rail or Design Radiator for the most sophisticated taste.

Environmen-tally friendly

Our production is friendly to nature and the environment.

Unlike the manufacture of mild steel, chrome finish, RAL painted products there is no harmful plating processes involved in the creating of Stainless Steel products.

Classical methods combined with new environmentally friendly technologies have given us the opportunity to create high-quality products without threatening the environment.

We care about our nature for future generations!


Our company is always a few steps ahead of everyone else. A separate independent R&D department analyzes the trends of fashion and practical trends in the design industry with orient in a few years to the future.

As the great physicist said:
"Life as a bicycle trip, if you stopped - you fell..."

Thanks to continuous development and moving forward today, – the №1 manufacturer of heated Towel Rails & Design Radiators on the market of Ukraine!