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Mario Radiators Shines at InstallerSHOW 2024!

Mario Radiators is making waves at the InstallerSHOW 2024 at NEC Birmingham! Today is the final day of this prestigious...
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Electric towel rail Urban-I with timer regulator 2.0!

We are ready to present to you our new electric towel rail Urban-I with timer-regulator 2.0 - the most awaited...
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How to save energy, in particular in the bathroom, without losing comfort?

The issue of energy resources saving is an urgent issue at the moment. In this article we will tell you...
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Four Types of the Mario Heating Elements

How to dry towels in the warm season?   This question worries the owners of water towel rails, because most...
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Dry Heater Technology

A lot of people used to think that an "electric towel rail" is just a water one but equipped with...
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How to Choose the Towel Rail

 A high-quality and functional heated towel rail in the bathroom is a guarantee of your comfort. Today, there are many...
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Towel Rail for Heating

 Every time when choosing a heated towel rail for a bathroom, buyers face the same problem: the range is wide,...
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Towel Rails and Their Types: What is Better?

A lot of people who make repairs in the bathroom are concerned about which heated towel rail is better to...
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Water or Electric? Tips for Choosing the Towel Rail

 Almost every home has a heated towel rail, and when it becomes necessary to replace it, many face the difficulty...
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More Efficiency with Towel Rails Accessories

Get even more space for drying clothes and towels! Expand the functionality of your towel rail with Mario accessories: branded...
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What is The Optimal Size of The Towel Rail

 When choosing the towel rail for their bathroom some people meet the difficulties deciding on what size of the towel...
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kbb Birmingham 2022. How was it?

 Mario traditionally took part in the UK's largest exhibition kbb Birmingham 2022!  Mario - Ukrainian manufacturer of water and electric...
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