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Mario Electric Towel Rails with a Dry Heater and Their Features

Mario Electric Towel Rails with a Dry Heater and Their Features

 Taking care of our clients we develop unique products which will satisfy all the needs of our customers and even more. Electric towel rail with a dry heater by Mario is a modern device which will become the irreplaceable helper at each home. Thousands of people today became the owners of the electric towel rail and share their experience of using it. 

 The most significant feature of the Mario electric towel rails is that each item is equipped with a timer-regulator. It allows you to set the heating time to 3 or 6 hours, or leave the constant heating, and choose one of the tree heating temperature modes, that helps you to save up to 60% of energy. Using only 2 buttons you can control not only the work of the towel rail, but also your expenses. And with new Eco Mode you can disable the constant heating, and never ever think about the need to turn off the towel rail.

 The installation of the electric towel rail with a dry heater does not require piping and can be done after the bathroom renovation finishes. You only need the access to the outlet or the power cord to mount the towel rail. All the needed mounts are already included in the set of the towel rail. Also we provided the option of the hidden connection without any additional kits - with this implementation you can hide the power cable and won't spoil the view with an outlet or cables. To make the installation easier we developed the connector - it became possible to plug the towel rail to the power any side with the help of it.

 Electric towel rails by Mario are totally safe and eco friendly. All the items have the ingress protection rating of IP44 - they are protected against intrusion of water and dust, and have the appliances class I (that means no risk of electrocution). All the items are certified with European and UK certificates, including LVD, EMC and RoHS.

 The Mario assortment includes a wide range of the electric models of the towel rails. This category is represented with Light and Premium sections as well as with Rotating items, all in different sizes and designs. Except the model you can additionally choose the color of the decorative finish that we can apply to your towel rail.

 Mario provides long term years of warranty for the work of the electric towel rails with a dry heater: both for the body and electronic part.